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About Marsae

Marsae is a creator, performer, and educator devoted to producing art that engages, educates, and empowers audiences and artists. She is a graduate fellow at the University of Michigan pursuing a Master of Fine Arts. Prior to attending graduate school Marsae was a certified dance teacher for the Detroit Public School District. In 2020, Marsae was commissioned by Kresge and The Side Walk Festival to producea dance film titled Reflect. Black. Times which premiered in August 2020 and was featured in the International Association for Black Dance’s Time Keeper Magazine. She began working with Kresge in 2016 when she received the Gilda Snowden Award for her work in My Hair, My Story, My Glory a theatrical production about the history of black hair. Marsae is also a Center for World Performance Studies Fellow (2020), Rackham Merit Fellow (2020), and Gupta Scholar (2021). Her current research explores the impacts of water on the "brown" feminine mind, body, and spirit.

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